Your gate to the German market

Juval UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is an internet trading firm specializing in e-commerce solutions.

We give a full service for firms who would like to penetrate the German market and sell their products to end consumers. Our specialty is by launching multi online selling platforms to reach the broad German online shoppers.

We provide legal, translation, advertisement, logistics and after sale services. Unlike consultancies we do not only advise, we take your business hand in hand, and share the risk involved in penetrating the market.

With a successful track record we understand our clients’ needs and constraints and are able to provide first class services that are essential to the success of selling consumer goods in the German local market.

Located in Frankfurt, the German business capital, we enjoy a superb network of firms and clients who help us to push forward new ideas and products.

When it comes to business, we simply do it.